I am my shadow self

How can we be whole, integrated beings if there are parts of ourselves that we shun, push away and pretend don't exist? The more that we resist something, the stronger the resistance becomes. The more that I choose love and acceptance of my entire self, the less power emotions have over me. When I welcome in all parts of my experience, the more I can hold space for light and darkness and I am more balanced. Anger is a big emotion that we are conditioned to hide from because it is considered "bad" in our society. For many years, I suppressed and buried this big emotion and as a result, it became bigger. I felt that in order to be "spiritual" I couldn't experience anger. Guess what. I'm spiritual but I'm also human and so are you and there have been many spiritual leaders that experienced righteous anger. As we allow all of our emotions to surface, we can follow them to their core and allow true healing to take place. This healing is freedom and liberation. We are all worthy of this reality.