A Higher Standard

Sex, love and relationships are three very different things and often they overlap but not always. Not nearly always. They all exist independent of each other. And despite our conditioning to believe that there is a scarcity of these available to us, there is not. All three exist in plenty on planet earth.

It's been shown many times that love can be felt with many people and it can lead to or be a result of sex and/or relationship or not. It can occur as a beautiful moment in time. A gift to be celebrated and treasured along the journey of life. A surrender to the connection of love can bring us deeper into ourselves, consciousness and belief in the goodness of humanity.

Sex can be experienced with many and similarly, can lead to or be a result of love and/or relationship. It can also be exactly what it is in that moment and nothing more or less. It can be a beautiful connection with another soul. A time of intimacy shared with another being. A release of all expectations of love or relationship can allow for a space of connection and magic without subsequent heart break.

Love and sex are two of the greatest pleasures of the human experience. Allowing them to be plentiful goes a long way towards creating a fulfilled life.

Relationships of the long term, committed, relationship type require a compatibility that is extraordinary. They require a desire to create a third being, the relationship, and to nurture it and care for it as one would a child. Without this, the relationship will dissolve and intertwined lives will find ways to disentangle or remain miserable in their entanglement.

Relationships that result because of love or sex many times find that they don't have the compatibility or commitment to the relationship necessary for longevity. And, yet, attraction is also paramount to the success of chemistry in a relationship and love and sex are the juiciness of a relationship. The current paradigm of relationships needs to be called to a higher standard in order for us to see success in relationships. 

I believe that as a culture, a new understanding of these three components of humanity would take us far in our evolution. Most of us are designed to experience all three. How to experience them well takes emotional maturity and understanding of what is occurring.