Sarrah Rose has been a devotee of the Yogic traditions since 2000. Years of dedicated practice resulted in her traveling to India, New York and Los Angeles to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher under the guidance of world renowned teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. These trainings provide a strong foundation for the Tantra Yoga that Sarrah now passionately practices and teaches. Sarrah studied at the Global College of Natural Medicine and this knowledge of health and nutrition plays an integral part of the coaching that she offers to her clients. She is an initiate in the Kriya Yoga and Tantric Kriya Yoga lineages of the Mahavatar Babaji. Sarrah is an advocate of all sex positive practices including Tantra, the Taoist jade egg, Sex Magic and more. She includes cutting edge scientific technologies such as Somatic Experience by Peter Levine to create the deepest impact for her students. Sarrah is currently being mentored by expert sex educator, Layla Martin and was interviewed with her by Fox News regarding her experiences with the jade egg and vaginal weightlifting. 




Much of the approach that I use for Sex, Love and Relationship coaching comes from my knowledge of Tantra. Many people are curious about Tantra and have received mixed information about it. The reason for that is there are several different lineages and traditions of Tantra and they all get changed a bit as the teachings get passed down. I teach Tantra as an integrative approach of classical wisdom and modern therapies. The ancients had wisdom that science is now validating. This wisdom can help us heal from trauma and release triggers, clear conditioning that is holding us back from our true nature and be the empowered beings that we are at our core. Tantric sex is sex that is fully engaged and embodied and leaves you feeling full rather than drained. We live in a time where the one size fits all approach to relationships isn't the standard. We have many options and once we truly know ourselves, we can choose the right relationship for us and continue our growth in the relationship rather than becoming stagnant. All love stems from self love. The way that we love ourselves effects the way we love others and receive love from them. Through Tantric practices, our self love can become deeply rooted and blossom.

My personal experience is that through these practices, I have come to a deeper knowing and acceptance of myself. I'm able to live life free and unencumbered from the pain and insecurities that used to hold me back. This results in a very silly badass with lots of depth and joy!