One on one Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coaching is the real deal.

This is where you and I get to partner up and do the work to create the life that you desire.

How many times have you wanted to make a change in your life and then you got distracted and busy and started doing something else instead?

Probably many, many times. 

With me as your coach, you'll stay on track, you'll stay focused, you'll do the work to finally shift internally so that your sex life, love life, and relationships can be what you really want them to be.

We have three main parts to our brains; the cortex, limbic system and reptilian brain.

We usually have an idea of what we want in our cortex but if the limbic and reptilian parts of the brain aren't in alignment, then we won't be able to get the results that we want.

We will continually self-sabotage without even knowing why or realizing that we're doing it. 

Integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coaching gets all three parts of your brain in alignment so that you can finally achieve your desires.

I incorporate Tantric practices to bring sensations of pleasure into your life and expand the sensations in ways that you've never experienced before.

All of this takes time.

Creating new neural pathways to pleasure takes repetition and practice.

You've got it. 

I'm here with you.

We'll meet for one hour, every other week for 12 sessions.

Sessions are done through video conferencing.

This is a great way to be face to face and still give you privacy and the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

We get to create lasting change in your life, together.

Click below and get on my calendar.

Let's have a fifteen minute call and get to know each other.

This could be the most important call that you ever make. 


Sarrah Rose is all she appears to be in that she is stunning, radiant, full of life and standing firmly in her truth.

Where there is much more than may meet the eye is that she is not only brilliant but she is fearless.

She has fears, like we all as humans do, but she intentionally faces them head on with a determination to learn, to grow and ultimately to serve.

I am blessed to have experienced Sarrah in a full spectrum of her many ways ranging from super fun and irreverent to extraordinarily raw, vulnerable and downright loving.

Loving of people - women, men and children.

Sarrah Rose is worth putting your trust in for her expertise but also to double down with for her humanity.

The presence of both is a rare combination that I feel honored to be able to witness and share in as her colleague and friend.

-Caroline Diaco Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, NYC