Ignite Your Inner Cobra

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Ignite Your Inner Cobra



A Transformational Course for All Genders - Co-facilitated by Neil Dumra

Imagine sexual liberation.
Imagine harnessing the most powerful energy on the planet and using it to achieve your goals.
Imagine healing the darkest places in yourself. The places that you hide and wish would go away. The places that you don’t want anyone to know about.
Imagine boundless energy.
Imagine every moment a union with the cosmos.
Imagine making love and transcending the physical plane.
Imagine being all that you are here to be.
Imagine integrating body, mind and spirit.
The sacred Tantric texts give us teachings on how to embody and experience all of this.
This is our destiny. This is our birthright.
We have the choice to create a new future.
We’ve been given physical bodies as temples for our souls in this lifetime.     Let’s investigate how to care for them optimally.
If left unprocessed, our emotions can run our lives.                                       Let’s dig deep and clear what no longer serves us.
Let us tap in to our Highest Selves and experience the path that our souls have chosen for us.
Let us experience the gift of Cobra Breath and see what unfolds for us each individually and collectively.
Coming together collectively amplifies our efforts.
Develop deep, supportive friendships.
Develop deep self –love.
This is a safe place.
Sexuality will be addressed.
We expect that only mature adults will apply for this course.
We are bringing these teachings from a place of consciousness and high vibration.
Our intention is to help heal sexual wounding and create space for sexual awakening to occur.
Every participant will be treated with utmost respect so that this can occur. 
Blossom into your radiance!
Empower yourself to create your own destiny!
Have fun while you’re doing it!
Purification and Pleasure.
The keys to the Universe.
Let’s come together and transform ourselves to transform our planet.
Let’s create intentions in a space created to help us achieve them.
The time is now.
Let us rise together.
You are so beautiful.
You are an Infinite Universe.
You are Creator and Creation.

Class Times and Dates:

Tuesday evenings from 8pm - 10pm beginning September 12, 2017 and going through November 14, 2017.


South Austin - address will be provided after registration

This is an in-person, clothing on course.

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