Tantric Ecstacy


Tantric Ecstacy

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A 12 Week Transformational Course for All Genders

Tantra is a buzzword but most people don't know much about it.

This course is designed for those that truly want to understand Tantra.

The teachings come from the Tantric yoga tradition and the lineage of the Mahavatar Baba Ji.

This is a time to get to know yourself better, to ignite your sexual energy, to learn how to harness and channel it. 

Through movement, breath, and visualization you can create a Tantric life. 

Come together with others that share your curiosity.

Feel the fire that is Tantra.

This is an in-person clothing on, group course.

There will be sexual discussion and some non-sexual touch among participants.

Singles, couples and all genders are welcome. 

Class Time and Dates:

Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm

January 3 to March 21, 2019


Austin, near downtown - address will be provided after registration

Your Investment:

Early Bird Special

$1000 paid in full by January 1


Extended Pay





$100 to secure your place in class.

I made the fortunate decision to take Sarrah's Tantra class. I learned so much and gained many invaluable skills that have helped me to identify and then break free of some areas that I have been struggling with repeatedly in life. The strategies and exercises she taught helped me to identify and face both my fears and deepest desires, and the breathing and other Tantric exercises she explained and led us through helped turn me on to areas of my consciousness and true self that I wasn't previously even aware of. Sarrah has a very authentic and unique teaching style. She was always ready and willing to answer questions and re-demonstrate lessons and exercises until our whole class was comfortable. You can tell she has many years of knowledge and wisdom, and I'm truly thankful she is out there not only out there living her truth but passing it on to others as well. I would highly recommend Sarrah (as well as her Tantra class and practices) to anyone who is actively trying to better their lives and grow towards their potential!

-Jim Notte

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