Pleasure, Purpose, Passion




The world of sex, love and relationships is broad and diverse. I've spent years embodying and integrating the teachings and practices to bring them to you in a customized way to meet you exactly where you're at.




This is where mysticism meets modernity. My approach is to take ancient wisdom and combine it with cutting edge scientific breakthroughs to offer you the quickest and most effective results. 


"Sarrah is one of the most compassionately loving yet strong space holders I have ever met. Her wisdom and knowledge of Tantra and spirituality allow me to feel safe to go through my process knowing I can express ANYTHING without any fear of judgement whatsoever. I came to Sarrah feeling totally blocked off in my sexual expression and it felt like wading that water was the scariest thing I could do. Now, I feel so empowered that I continually practice with the tools that Sarrah taught me. I continue to see and feel amazing and tangible results. I feel sexy, strong, and vibrant! The transformation that occurs in just one session with Sarrah far surpasses any other work I've done around sacred sexuality. I always experience a HUGE shift, release, and sense of overwhelming empowerment. I recommend her to my closest and dearest of sisters and anyone who is really wanting to show up and do some of the deepest and simultaneously sexiest work they've done in this lifetime. If you're on the fence, take it from me: DO IT!"

- Torie F